Discussion relating the mirrors at road junctions, including West End Road, Wyberton.

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Jan 18, 2022 5:55:38 PM

Good afternoon, Val

Two Matters:

The local Highways officer has now confirmed my provisional response regarding mirrors at road junctions.

Lincolnshire Highways, in common with many other Highways authorities in the country, does not install mirrors at road junctions.

The reason for this is that this type of mirror distorts the view of the road and it is not possible to accurately judge distances or speed of oncoming traffic.

There is nothing to stop an individual erecting a mirror on private land, but this could not be used as evidence in an accident or insurance claim.

The matter of failure to take action for vehicles disregarding weight restrictions is something that I have discussed many times during my 14 years as a Borough Councillor relation to Wyberton West Road, Park Road and Linley Drive.

There are several points to consider here:

The weight restriction does not apply to vehicles using the road as access. So what can be considered to be access? I believe that it is perfectly acceptable for Brylaine’s Buses to use the road because their depot is on London Road, close to the top of West End Road. Similarly, it could be argued that heavy agricultural machinery can be taken down West End Road as a means of access to land elsewhere in (say) Wyberton or Frampton. The alternative might be to go right up to the centre of town or somewhere equally unsuitable.

The use of the police to prove that an HGV is using the road unnecessarily would require the Police to be deployed simultaneously at both ends of the road. This surely is not good use of our limited Police numbers when they could be doing a more important role apprehending criminals in the town (or village) centre.
What can a resident do? My recommendation is that if an HGV is clearly using West End Road as a short cut (usually to the industrial estate) make a note of the name on the vehicle (if there is one), take a note of the time, then look up that company online and phone them to inform them that their driver is infringing the highways regulations and that you will inform the police if you witness it again. A reputable firm will at least chastise their employee because most don’t want to become the focus of police attention.

Alternatively, let the police know if it seems to be a frequent offence by a transport company.

An alternative, if appropriate, is to flag down the offending vehicle provided you are not putting yourself in personal danger…

These can be done by any resident – not just parish councillors! I have done this within my Borough Ward on several occasions – and I’m still around to tell the tale.

Just take care!

Kind regards

Alison A

Published: Thursday, 3rd February 2022